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Fat Guo locked the door and drove his electric car to Ruyi square. "Is there such a strange elixir in the world?" How do you feel this guy was sent up by himself and photographed by himself?     ________________________________________________________________________________________________ This voice is very light, only Guan feibai and other disciples who are closest to the mountain can h As for the magistrate, he is still in good spirits. This is the "PTU" psychological training project of "reverse thinking", which belongs to one of the He also needs to pay a huge price to help long Tianyou change his life against heaven. "He's trying to get rid of us? No way." At present, this opportunity is in front of me, in front of me, close at hand. Let the patriarch and the elder Zhan's spiritual law thoroughly condensed into shape. The little bull of gold cried for the beautiful girl. After all, he didn't care too much about the first cultivation school. This fist Yan Xiaobei used all his strength, and also used a skill... Dark strength. So Lin thought that there was a possibility that maybe the biological noumenon was in an unforeseen Looking at Zichen's attitude is not bad, Weizhong is very satisfied, and he reconstructs the pur "Mo Bu, you have to call Mo Beibei and ask her to bring someone over." "ADI, you have such a disposition that you never give up. As for me to stay in Liangjing, there is n

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