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Does LM team really want to open a dragon? Where can anyone make a living by refining treasures? Half step immortal's heart to kill the opportunity to splash, if not for the relationship betwee "Well, it's like half Qi Gang state." This is different from the Yangshi establishment, after all, Yin soldiers do not need logistics, so However, Xiao Ping can sleep soundly, which does not mean that other people are the same. Plus two points from the other strong players, the lion scorpion gang has got ten points. However, a The distance available on the main traffic road is limited, and those monsters are not afraid of lif "Master, the Quartermaster didn't allocate goblin bombs. It's just a delay. You know, every But at this time, empress Luocha's eyes coagulated. At present, the chamber of Commerce will try its best to promote it. However, he thinks that there i There are so many warriors in the city. There are many shops on both sides of the street. The unprepared Rainbow Alliance fleet flew directly over the heads of the players we dropped on the This time, she thought it was a marriage that she had got, but she had to fall short of it and her h Pig King's eyes narrowed, and the rumor reminded, "brother long, you should be careful. The Kong It is a force that is incompatible with the sea and mountains, and even repelled by them. Compared with the inside of the city, the outside of the city is far away from the residential areas For a while, in yuxu palace, the gods gathered again, but compared with the last time, there was a l

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