Yang Kai's face was surprised. The startled Hong was too dazzling. He naturally paid attention t Xu Jingxuan thought of here, can't help but sip a smile, pondering up and down the river and mou "I heard that your president is Chen Pei?" In fact, Cui Ming really thinks it's cheap. It's so cheap that he even thinks something is w During the heated discussion, Cao Gonggong called out in a strange way, which made everyone look at "That's all for today, gentlemen. Let's talk about the rest tomorrow." Chen Jiu stares at Ma Bo's back and gnaws his teeth with hatred and records all the hatred. Song Weimin has sent a message to song Zhimin in advance. Yue Chong ran out of the camp of the Yi God tribe in one breath. When he ran out of the camp, he was Spit a mouthful of blood, ye Zhengyang with a bit of weak mouth. "My holy father, no one is allowed to destroy it. Whoever dares to destroy it will die!" Luo Yanan said with a smile: "we do the same thing." I'm afraid people will bombard them with missiles. Lu Jing holds his wife and says with a smile. After that, when the red pistol was put into the room, there was a sharp sound of the gun. And his eyes are deep and endless, just like the sea of stars! The deputy commander nodded with a smile. The woman named Jian Tongying had no charm between her eyebrows.

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