"To be right, it should be a control chip or something." "You pervert, you're not a human being." Thinking like this, he closed his hand to the purple crystal and tried to buckle it out. Hearing this, Murong Yu was moved. He grabbed Zhao Zhiqing's hand and said, "don't worry. As But Zhou buchen and south from not only nothing, seems to be like fish in water. At the same time, as the golden shield, the demon Ding has almost no power to destroy the whole batt The returning real dragon returns through Ye ruo's body and returns to the body of dragon Xiaoye Even if it's not as exaggerated as Jiuming said, considering the size of the missile, if it expl With a cold hum, Dongfang Long's eyes suddenly glared, "that also wants her to eat my fist again When the dust settles, where are Qi Jin and Ling Chun? What kind of special effects do you want Doubt of crooked head, since hate that why still take in side, "you this is ready to throw away?" Demigod's eyes suddenly changed, flashing bright gold, brilliant luster, burst out of the world& But there are gains and losses in this world, and we can't be perfect. Journey to the west, the ratings of dream of Red Mansions are not comparable, but at least they are And the consumption of the two is enormous Flower Youmeng hesitated for a moment and sat down according to his words. This boy, how can you take him to battle in the future?

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