As soon as Xiao ping's words were uttered, the noisy training room was quiet for a while, and th Just as Chen Shen was in a daze, a figure suddenly rushed out of the battle. "Dad, mom, although this is false, but this life son must let you live very well, very good!" "It has a strong archaic flavor. It seems that it is still a kind of archaic blood, and its blood co "Damn it, it's the puppet army. Your uncle, they dare to go to the wall to block it. Wait, I&#39 Man, is this the wedding of the three of us Ha ha, ghosts sell the face of that bullshit Lord. "The target location is difficult to identify." The big man got up in a hurry and did not dare to neglect him any more. He quickly led the way. The efficiency of the water column is very high. It doesn't take too much time to collect all th "Mammy, it's said that this divination is very tiring. Don't come back." The cathedrals and the depths of the catacombs were cleared. The head of the ghost clan is moving on aimlessly, just like a walking corpse. "Zhitao, there must be something wrong with it. I want to ask what's going on?" How far can a person's physical cultivation be so? All the people in the room, including Nami. For Zichen's accusations, all are groundless, even arrested a group of people who deliberately r Fang Ye ignores him, and quickly seals his hands. The seal of the burial God comes out of his hand a

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