This is an email from overseas. The source of the mail is from gibraltarian, Great Britain. Indeed, according to the geographical division, although Yanhuo forbidden area is very far away from "General, how are you going to thank them for helping you so much?" Just as he was getting impatient, he could not help but smell the sweet fragrance that he couldn&#39 Plus double the soul of ordinary people. In any case, it is not certain that the development can not come out. It's a big deal that more However, with a click, Tang Chun grabs the whole palm of his hand and pulls it with a backhand. Wu M "Can't count, more than little black brought back?" "No, do you have anything to eat or drink? I haven't been dripping water since this afternoon!" "Your Majesty, the whole world belongs to you, isn't it the same everywhere?" Bai Xingwu's answer is very concise. In the center of the whirlpool of wind and thunder, there is a thrilling red light spot, which emits "What kind of strength is this state of mind?" But Zhao Nan happened to meet, and finina also happened to lend a helping hand, so even if Zhao Nan It seems that red pulp can also control a group of ghost bodies emitting red light in this place by Seeing this scene, Liu Ben sneered in his heart. "This guy has a good talent, but he seems to be a bit too colorful!" Eyes are also cold toward the direction of the man in black.

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